Contributing to the development
of a European-led new
wave of workplace innovation



                                                     The main goal of Start at Best is to contribute to the development of a
European-led new wave of workplace innovation among SMEs.
Startups initiated a new trend in workplace innovation which can
inspire small companies to adopt a similar innovative attitude.





Over the last years, startups were pivotal in changing workplace culture. Until recently, the idea of an office brought up an image of rows of identical desks and uncomfortable chairs. Because working in startups is often quite intense, offices should be comfortable, friendly and flexible for their users. Nowadays, some offices have break rooms, others have game rooms with ping pong tables or consoles. These facilities help employees relax when they need to take a break and be more productive.




Raise the awareness of the relevance of workplace innovation for business competitiveness among SMEs

Develop a repository of startup case studies of workplace innovation to help SMEs develop their ideas


Introduction Start at Best. Workplace innovation

Disseminate results at EU scale and promote the replication across European countries


Introduction to Start at Best. Workplace innovation

Promote, fund and support small scale projects for the development of workplace innovation in SMEs


SERN is a network of regions dedicated to scaling up startup support. Its purpose  is to reinforce the links between regional authorities, development agencies, universities and associations.

ANI focuses on supporting technological and business innovation in Portugal. It contributes to the consolidation of the National Innovation System (SNI) and the competitiveness of the national economy in global markets. ANI also promotes collaboration between entities of the scientific and technological system and the business environment.

ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory is the Emilia-Romagna Joint Stock Consortium that comes from the merger of ASTER and ERVET, with the purpose of fostering the region’s sustainable growth by developing innovation and knowledge, attractiveness and internationalization of the region system.

CCC is engaged as a partner in several EU projects across a number of different funding calls including Horizon 2020, Interreg Europe, Atlantic Area and URBACT.  These projects help to advance Cork City Council’s knowledge of international best practice, promote transnational collaboration and helping to accelerate economic and community innovation activities for Cork.

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