How space can transform culture and enable agility!

The world is changing so fast. If you don’t shake things up from time to time, you’re not going to be able to keep up.

ALEJANDRO POCIÑA President, Steelcase Spain & Portugal


Ask any CEO today and they’ll tell you that the business landscape is changing faster than ever before. Disruption is everywhere. As the race towards more innovation and growth shows no signs of slowing, organisations worldwide are scrambling to transform.

As customer needs and the business environment continue to evolve at an unprecedented rate, organisations need to be quicker to find new, innovative solutions to stay one step ahead of competitors. But leaders are realizing that change can’t happen without a shift in culture or in how they work. Organisations need to foster a workplace where creativity, collaboration, continuous learning and agility can thrive. Teams need to feel empowered to make decisions faster, always putting the customer first.

This was no different for the teams at the Steelcase Madrid WorkLife Center.

“The world is changing so fast,” says Alejandro Pociña, president, Steelcase Spain & Portugal. “The traditional way of doing things is not working anymore. Whether it’s employee expectations, market stability or evolving customer needs, the speed necessary for growth and innovation is rapidly increasing. If you don’t shake things up from time to time, you’re not going to be able to keep up.”

When the leaders in Madrid recognized a shift in the challenges their customers face when going through a transformation, they knew they had to change the way they work to better address their needs. They believed the best way to achieve this was to provide a better employee experience that could help shift their culture.


Discover the integral case study that looks at how space can transform culture and enable agility here.

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