Workplace Innovation Transforming the Office Design of the Future.

Workplace Innovation Transforming the Office Design of the Future

New ways of working and workplace innovation are transforming the professional landscape today. The shift in focus from ‘technology’ to ‘people’ is leading to usage of technologies to create personalized experiences for its users. The advent of this experiential technology is influencing all aspects at work (including workplace design); 2020 is all set to break new grounds.

Innovation supported by technology has changed office design and the entire approach to it, supporting the new-age workforce in achieving better productivity through enhanced user experience along with physical and mental work-life balance. The three fundamental technologies holding the key to offices of the future are artificial intelligence, mobility solutions and automation. Not only does the workspace get a cool and edgy twist but is personalized in a never-before manner. Where some of the mayor trends that will drive the future of workplace design are:

  • Technology as a Tool to Enhance User Experience and Personalization at Workplace
  • Ultra-Connectivity and Access
  • Data Driven Design
  • Unification of Workplace Application
  • A Frictionless Environment

2020 would see technology supporting creation of workspaces which are more inviting and promotes the tenets of community, comfort and shared values. Offices already include features such as cafes, comfortable furniture, game zones and fitness rooms. Going a step ahead, these features would now even cater to boosting employee morale, developing relationships and improving business optics for prospective clients.

As office designs evolve, competitive salaries will no longer remain the only factor for employees to evaluate job opportunities. The biggest contender will perhaps be the overall work environment, which makes a wholesome and well-balanced workspace extremely crucial—for existing organizations and start-ups alike. Technology is bringing about a paradigm shift and removing the age-old thought process of cookie-cutter offices. The outcome will be highly sustainable, ergonomic and seamless workspaces that support an employee’s personal and professional needs at the same time, thus diminishing the differences significantly between a place they call their office and the one the call their home.

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