Denmark is preparing the future of work

How Denmark is Preparing the Future of Work

Over the coming years, jobs are expected to change. This will affect diverse aspects, from taxes to employee recruitment. How will countries deal with this? It depends. Below we’ll discuss Denmark’s example.

Work will be transformed over the next decade. According to the world economic forum, this change will affect diverse topics.  Examples are labor, employment relations, or tax systems. Countries, of course, must plan ahead. A good lead to follow is how Denmark is preparing the future of work.

As it’s known, the country’s a typical Nordic welfare state. Thus, it’s easy to assume that it would be strongly hit by change. This, of course, only makes its analysis more interesting.

A current change labor’s experiencing regards platform workers. These have been growing, due to the rise of e-commerce. Of course, such presents a challenge to lawmakers. To deal with this, Danes created a  Disruption Council, in 2017.The council has taken some key steps, to deal with transformations.

Planning ahead of transformations

The first step regards the update of unemployment benefits. The council is preparing the harmonization of regulation, concerning ordinary and platform workers. This will be key to assure everyone has a safety net. The new system will be based on digital solutions, with registries. This allows all taxable income to be turned into benefits.

The second way through which Denmark is preparing the future of work regards regulation. More specifically, the regulation of platform companies. In 2018, the Danish executive celebrated the first collective agreement with a platform enterprise. This made the business ensure employee rights.

Third, and most importantly, Denmark’s upskilling its workers. The country has already celebrated agreements with social partners, on vocational training. This will be key to tackle negative externalities of technological change.

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