We Have Winners for the Open Calls!!!

We Have Winners for the Open Calls!!!


Guess what? We’ve published our workplace innovation calls’ results. We now know the winning projects, and their big innovation plans.


We finally have winners for Start at Best’s open calls. Our project had launched 4 open calls: one for the EU; one for Ireland; another for Portugal; and one for Italy. We received more than a total of 40 applications, which were analysed by different experts. Every single applicant, winner or loser, deserves congratulations.

We want to thank all our call managers: SERN ; ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação; ART-ER; and Cork City Council. Your work has been invaluable!

Over the coming months, we’ll follow closely project developments. We wish every winner a successful implementation, and a unique experience with workplace innovation!



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