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‘WPI Uncovered’: We Improvate

Workplace coaching equips people with tools and knowledge allowing them to work more effectively and incorporate design thinking into their daily life. With this in mind, INnCREASE – Poland-based company – is introducing a coaching programme dedicated to small teams.


At INnCREASE we believe that innovative work is a happier workplace. Coaching fosters a positive attitude and diversity in the workplace. With Start at Best, we have a great opportunity to participate in a coaching programme aimed at unlocking our team potential.

The coach will help us drive new ideas and systems and find new and better ways of doing things and solving problems through systemic inventive thinking and design thinking. Moreover, with this coaching programme, we aim at improving key skills such as mindful listening, asking powerful questions or giving feedback.


‘We Improvate’ Project

‘We Improvate’ aims at devising a coaching programme for small teams. Design thinking is at the core of We Improvate project:  process useful in tackling problems that are ill-defined or unknown, by re-framing the problem in human-centric ways, creating many ideas in brainstorming sessions, and adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing.


Handbook for small teams

Following the coaching sessions and consultations with our coach, a handbook will be published with practical tips, exercises and examples. It will be accompanied by interactive materials to highlight the role of coaching in workplace innovation. With this action, we’d like to highlight the idea of non-technological factors in innovation.

The Handbook will serve as a guide for other small teams but will allow for some flexibility. As such, the programme can be adapted to the particular situation, context and industry. With a clear and simple structure, we would like to make innovation in the workplace highly accessible.



About Start at Best Project 09228eb1-d6e9-481e-9b4b-2662ef7395e6 – ‘We Improvate’
INnCREASE Sp. z o.o. is a small (but growing) company working in business consultancy and on European projects. The results of Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® clearly show that ‘Employee Driven Innovation and Improvement’ is an area that needs to be improved at our company. A separate programme that would give us a dedicated time, structure and space for innovation and improvement is needed. We Improvate! is foreseen as a workplace innovation programme dedicated to small teams and aimed at supporting them in innovation and improvement. With a set of materials and external support of a coach, INnCREASE team will develop and go through a ‘We Improvate!’ programme. The programme consists of 4 Modules based on coaching sessions for team members. Its results will be published on a dedicated website and will be disseminated primarily towards similar micro-enterprises.

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