Innovation Tools to Enable and Empower Technology Transfer Teams

‘WPI Uncovered’: Enabling and Empowering Technology Transfer Teams

Within the START AT BEST program MULTIPLY’s project proposal “Enabling and Empowering Technology Transfer Teams” was approved for funding.


MULTIPLY is delighted to have been awarded a Start at Best grant for Workplace Innovation. The funding is to enable and empower technology transfer teams. MULTIPLY works with a wide range of specialist sub-contractors and collaborators globally. That is to say, the challenge is to effectively engage with teams empowering them to be more innovative and enabling them to effectively make decisions.

The Start at Best Workplace Innovation project is an opportunity to focus on our internal innovation and communication processes, with the aim of driving productivity, innovation capability and business competitiveness.

We will be building tools and processes to empower our teams and enable greater innovation thinking.  Therefore, bringing new ideas to the table will help lift the teams as well as MULTIPLY. In other words, we are building out our ideation and prioritisation process (part of the Mine and Manage phases in MULTIPLY’s Framework©) and developing a playbook. To support and enable technology transfer innovation in other teams and companies this playbook will be made available publicly in 2021.

This is the first phase of a wider internal development project with a focus on innovation and technology transfer. MULTIPLY is looking forward to this journey and sharing the outcomes with a wider network of SMEs to inspire and support workplace innovation.


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About Start at Best Project 682152ca-4486-4f51-8fc8-bd3470260896 – ‘Innovation Tools to Enable and Empower Technology Transfer Teams
As a micro-business, MULTIPLY works with a wide range of specialist sub-contractors and collaborators on a project basis. The challenge is how to empower the team to innovate and to enable them to effectively make decisions. Certainly, Start at Best is our opportunity to improve team communication. In addition, we can improve our productivity, innovation capability, market resilience, and overall business competitiveness.  We’ll focus on two key objectives: 1) Enable the team to share ideas; and 2) Empower the team to make informed decisions on taking innovations forward. The primary output of this project will be the MULTIPLY playbook. The playbook will provide a set of guidelines, tools and processes. Providing clear alignment and approach to empower the team to identify innovation, capture, share it and importantly act on it. Above all, this playbook will be a live methodology that will continue to grow and adapt to the changing economy.

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