Workplace Innovation in the Digital Age

Workplace Innovation in the Digital Age

Europe’s business leaders, policymakers and researchers to share insights on future work

EUWIN and Beyond 4.0 invite business representatives, policymakers, social partners, and researchers to participate in the free Virtual Conference Workplace Innovation in the Digital Age. Now more than ever, it is vital to share emerging trends and debate effective strategies for digital and workplace transformation. The Conference comprises three two-hour events spread over three days, each including short presentations and a facilitated discussion.

Why attend?

‘Industry 4.0’ promises to transform productivity, remove waste, eliminate repetitive work and enhance capacity for innovation. How do you ask? Through the rational organisation of production and service delivery. Yet research evidence and practical experience alike suggest that improvements in business performance will be achieved mainly through enhancing human labour through digital assistance rather than replacing it. In short, organisations are unlikely to achieve a full return on investment unless technological innovation and workplace innovation are considered together. By empowering employees to use and develop their full range of competencies and creative potential, workplace innovation can achieve high performance. Simultaneously, you’ll have a fully engaged and healthy workforce. Only then, it is possible to create an organisational culture in which digital technologies are embraced and their benefits maximised – through the best possible synergies with human potential.

Start at Best Participation

Start at Best as a guest speaker on the second day of this virtual conference will show how a European project can promote innovative workplace models, unconventional solutions, and an enhanced understanding of worker’s needs – made possible by the wider participation of stakeholders in the innovation process. Our project comes at a critical time, helping to ensure business competitiveness and readiness for the next industrial revolution. However, to transform potential into reality, digital workplaces must be embedded in a culture of close interaction and cooperation, enabling productivity gains to be combined with creativity and innovation. Discover more in our session.

The Virtual Conference

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