10 Wellness Ideas to Help You Attract Top Talent

Steve Jobs once said that he was used to going to “exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” He knew that employee wellbeing was crucial for top talent retention.

When it comes to employee wellbeing, it is easy to think of it as a nice-to-have thing rather than a must-have. However, if you wait until your company is “large enough” or “ready for” wellness initiatives, it will be too late.

It’s imperative that firms address the new wellness problems produced by the post-COVID-19 environment in order to establish a healthy workforce. Companies that don’t have a strong corporate wellness program are losing their best employees.

Some wellness programs for employees work better than others. Despite the seemingly inexhaustible number of ideas for employee well-being, there are significantly fewer effective ones. In addition to being tried and true, these are efforts in which your staff will be interested. Remember, a well-intentioned wellness initiative with zero takers is a waste of time and money for everyone involved.

This list of ten employee wellness ideas will enthuse your employees, improve their overall health, and help you build a more motivated workforce.

1. Nutrition and Healthy Living

Encourage your employees to participate in wellness programs by rewarding them for their efforts.
Bike to Work Day participants can be identified by the grease marks on their calves and the helmet on their desk. However, when your organization expands, how do you scale and reward your health initiatives? Bonusly’s claimable prizes encourage healthy workplace behaviors like Bike to Work Day, flu vaccines, a business step challenge, or your team’s vegetarian chili cook-off.

2. Vacation Planning Services

Offer trips that will have your best employees swear they’ll never return. To give you an example, INTREPID is a company that specializes in helping families organize memorable vacations that include the whole family.

The best organizations provide a generous amount of paid vacation time. Provide a more comprehensive service, such as vacation planning. Your top talent wants to split their vacation between the Caribbean and Norway so they can go surfing and see the northern lights? It’s no problem at all.

When they return, they’ll be smitten with you.

3 Pet Insurance

Pets are common in today’s society. People adore their pets, but caring for them can be costly. Why not provide grooming and health insurance to your team members’ pets?

Pet insurance would allow Fluffy (and Fluffy’s owner) to remain healthy and happy. It’s a win-win situation because caring for pets improves the health of your top performers and relieves their stress.

4. Work Remotely From Anywhere

Digital nomads and totally remote employees will love this notion. Allow employees to enjoy picturesque views of the surrounding area while they are working. Set up luxurious lodgings in the highlands, on the coast, or in the midst of a tropical forest. Allow them to pick and choose where and how long they wish to stay.

You can also give them the option of exchanging some of their working hours for volunteering time with a local environmental preservation organization of their choosing.

It’s a terrific way to get some exercise while also learning new things about the world around you in the process.

5. Order in lunch for the office, especially during crunch time on big projects

Bring in lunch for your staff as a way of saying thanks for all of their hard work. Keep it nutritious, of course — salads, wraps, Mediterranean, or a taco-salad bar are all good alternatives. Using Hoppier, you can easily give your staff fresh coffee in the morning, virtual meals, happy-hour drinks, and personalized presents, among other things!

6. Employee Referral Program

Streamline hiring by rewarding your staff for referring great candidates to your company. It’s a terrific way to get some exercise while also learning new things about the world around you in the process.

7. Offer standing desks

Fully standing workstations are height-adjustable, so employees can stand or sit as they like while working. Standing for long periods of time, whether sitting or standing, is unhealthy for people’s health. Set timers on the standing workstations so that staff can rotate positions throughout the day.

8. Egg Freezing

More women are choosing to concentrate on their careers while they are still young, but they do not want to forsake parenthood. The ability to freeze eggs gives female employees the freedom to pursue both their professional and familial goals at the same time.

9. Screen Protectors

The vision of your employees is a priceless resource, and this is true for both you and them. Staring at screens for long periods of time can cause visual problems, migraines, and a host of other problems. Ocushield, has not only screen protectors, but also blue light glasses. A simple and effective way to reduce eye fatigue.

10. Mindfulness App/Facilities

In offices, stress has a significant impact. A meditation app subscription (in conjunction with a meditation area in the office) might demonstrate a dedication to promoting positive employee mindfulness.

Employee churn is unavoidable, but HR and management may buck the trend by using the strategies discussed in this article. Having employees who know they are appreciated for their unique skills keeps them around.

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